Hawaiian Papaya -3 counts-Standard shipping included.




Hawaiian papaya is encased in a gleaming sunny yellow skin when ripened to perfection. This scrumptious fruit is ripe when mostly yellow and soft to the touch. The pulp is a matching creamy yellow, delicately scented, and deliciously sweet. A mass of black seeds is encased in a gelatinous coating in the center. Often discarded, the seeds are edible. Crunchy and peppery, crushed seeds can be used as a mildly spicy condiment.

Slightly lacking in acidity, a squeeze of lime juice enhances this fruit’s addicting flavor. Most commonly enjoyed fresh, papaya can be pureed or baked as well. Papaya can also be used to soften and tenderize thick meats such as roast beef or t-bones; spread mashed papaya over the meat and refrigerate about two hours before cooking. To store, refrigerate when ripe only. Use within a day or two or flavor will diminish.

Recipe Ideas
Recipes that include Hawaiian Papaya. One is easiest, three is harder.
Bitter Sweet Papaya Boats
The Foodie’s Kitchen Papaya-Coconut Bread
The Peach Kitchen Pineapple – Papaya Jelly
Farm on Plate Papaya Mousse – Vegan
Skinnytaste Papaya Avocado Salad
Healthy Happy Life Big Kahuna Hawaiian Salad with Pineapple Tahini Dressing
Global Table Adventure Baked Papaya with Sweet Coconut Cream


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