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This fruit is NOT currently in season and will ship when it becomes available. Placing PRE-ORDER reserves your spot on the waiting list for the coming seasonal harvest.

“Green Almonds” are the young, developing fruit (nuts) of the almond tree that are eaten whole when the shell has not yet hardened and is still fuzzy, green and fleshy. This tart fruit is available only in the spring, from mid-March into May. A popular snack in many parts of the world, they are often eaten dipped in salt as an appetizer or snack.

Early in the season, the center of the nut is nearly clear and gelatinous. Later, as the nut slowly matures, the kernel is white and tender. Near the end of the season, the shell begins to harden, and the still immature nuts are sliced open and the tender, sweet kernel is eaten.

Either way, green almonds are an unusual and delicious treat!

Green almonds should be refrigerated immediately upon arrival and are best when consumed within 1 – 2 weeks.

They made a great side dish, seasoned with salt and pepper. They are very good cut in half or pieces and sauteed in olive oil with finely diced onion and tomato, salt, and lemon juice. Keep in mind: Once you wash the Green almond, it has to be eaten within a day or 2. If you don’t, they turn brown. Only wash what you’re going to eat. Keep the unwashed ones in a bag with a paper towel in it to keep soaking up any moisture so they won’t go bad. Try them – they are wonderful.


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