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We sent out our best selected Fresh Ripened Fruits or Vegetables. Fruits with surfaces are little dry out black or brown richer in sugar. Such black skin on the fruit surface or some minor cuts or dented or sometimes Mold or Mildew that appears on the outside of intact skin causing by humility usually does not affect the quality of the fruit and can be wiped off since you aren’t eating the skin, just cut half one fruit and try you will adore the taste.
As soon as you receive the package, you need to unpack it right away and store all the fruits in the fridge to keep their freshness.
Since we are dealing with fresh products- they are fresh fruits so they are perishable, we request all damages reports need to make within 24 hours of receiving the products with appropriate pictures to get compensated ( replacement or product refund subtract shipping fee). In hot and humid weather, the fresh fruits may get damaged when they are still strapped in the box.
We choose the best fresh fruits and vegetables to ship to our Customers. In case of the weather or shipment delayed by carrier or under any circumstance the products arrive in bad shape, we choose to resend them. We do not do refunds when we have the ability to do the replacement. In some cases if the product is no longer available we have to do a refund then we will refund the product cost not shipping and handling fees which are including in the total price since we have shipped products to you.
Explanation of Free Shipping: All the items on our site state free shipping. This makes it simple so there is one flat rate price for a product. We as a company do have to pay to ship and it is calculated into the overall price of the item.
Due to an order that has been placed and has gone into processing. We are NOT able to cancel most orders. In the case that we are able to cancel an order, all costs that may arise because of the cancellation after or before the item is shipped must be paid in full by the customer or sometimes the customer has to pay for the shipping label which has been already bought for the shipment. If the order is canceled at any time before it has been processed there will be an automatic $10.00 cancellation fee for payment processing and loading/unloading labor.