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This delicious fruit belongs to the Sapindaceae family and is named Litchi chinensis scientifically. It is the fruit of the summer and is grown in tropical climates. It is usually round or oval and grows in clusters on evergreen trees. Lychee looks quite similar to rambutan fruits’, the outer layer is made of roughly textured rind which comes off easily to reveal delicious white flesh underneath with a seed in its middle.

Lychee is a delicious and immensely healthy fruit with a nutrient dense composition. Although a seasonal fruit, eating it in abundance can set you up for the year. Lychees are known for their flowery and sweet flavor with a jelly-like texture.

It has plenty of health benefits and is known for its water content. Lychee can be dried down as well as turned into fresh delicious juice. The nutritional value is quite high in case of lychees, with a combination of potassium and vitamins as well as antioxidants adding lychee to your diet will definitely provide many benefits.

1. Healthy Digestion
Lychees are rich in dietary fibers, which are necessary for regular bowel movements. This keeps the intestinal tract and the GI tract healthy. Regular bowel movements ensure the body is constantly ridding itself of toxins and also helps bulk up the stool and prevent diarrhea. A healthy digestive system makes sure the body is absorbing adequate nutrients for functioning properly. It also acts as a stimulator of gastric and digestive juices.

2. Prevent Cancer
Lychees are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect the body from oxidative stress. Free radicals damage the D.N.A on a cellular level and cause cancerous cells to grow. Lychee has polyphenols and proanthocyanidins, which have a powerful effect on cancerous growths and cancer-causing antibodies. The free radicals can affect metabolism on a cellular level and can lead to death. Cancerous growths can be avoided by an antioxidant-rich diet and prevention is much better than cure.

3. Antimicrobial
Lychees are high in antimicrobial properties; these help the body create a stronger barrier against viral infections. Proanthocyanins and Litchiannin A2 act as strong antiviral agents to keep the body healthy. It protects the respiratory system from infections and even calms down symptoms associated with asthma. Lychees have been found to have a negative effect on viruses such as herpes simplex and coxsackievirus.

4. Manage Blood Pressure
Lychees help moderate and balance blood flow in the body. Potassium is an excellent vasodilator and can keep the heart healthy by relaxing all the arteries. It is low in sodium, which helps maintain fluid balance and keep the metabolic functions of the body in place. It protects the body by preventing restriction of blood vessels and also arteries.

5. Improving Blood Circulation
Lychee has a good amount of iron and copper, which act as stimulators for the circulation of blood. Deficiency of these compounds can cause severe fatigue and be harmful to the body as the body needs proper oxygenation to function. This ensures all parts of the body are receiving adequate nutrients. Lychees are nutrient dense and have a good combination of vitamins and minerals, which helps balance the flow of blood throughout the body.

6. Heals Colds and Flu
Influenza can lead to severe health issues such as pneumonia and common colds are extremely uncomfortable as well as weaken the body’s immune system. Lychees are rich in phenolic acids, which protect the body from viruses such as influenza and common colds. Ascorbic acid present in lychee protects the respiratory system from infections and viruses.

7. Immunity Booster
A healthy immune system is necessary for the body to stay protected from viral infections and prevent chronic and fatal illnesses from taking roots. Health shots often contain a higher amount of vitamin C as it is the most powerful immunity-boosting vitamin. Lychees contain an impressive 71.5 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of serving. This can protect the body from within and promote healthy cell regeneration.

8. Source of Oligonol
Oligonol is a molecular compound found in abundance in lychees that further breaks down into many antioxidants. This promotes blood circulation and also protects the body from harmful UVA and UVB rays.This is also very effective in reducing fat as it targets fat directly while increasing stamina.

9. Anti-aging
As time progresses our bodies’ age physically and internally. A diet rich in antioxidants and vitamin C can ensure a slower aging process while promoting overall health. Lychees are a good source of vitamin C, which is a necessary component of the anti-aging diet regime. Vitamin C can improve elasticity and production of collagen leading to better radiant and supple skin.

10. Vitamin B
Often thought is found only in animal products, vitamin B contributes largely to our energy levels. Lychees are rich in B-vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, and folates, which have a huge effect on viruses and the body’s nutrient absorption. Beta-carotene is also a derivative of vitamin B that strengthens the immune system along with strengthening the hair nails and protecting the eyes.

11. Nutritional Strengths
Lychees contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help you plough through all that pollution and daily stress. Being vitamin deficient can lead to a slew of medical problems and expensive treatment plants. Just eat a couple of lychees before or after lunch or dinner and you will be able to incorporate a healthy dose of vitamin C, phytonutrients, vitamin B-complex and various antioxidants.

Bottom Line
The nutritional benefits of lychees are comparatively greater than other seasonal fruits, and dried lychees are far more concentrated in nutrients. Eating in moderation is key because it contains plenty of fructose. Lychees are a delicious snack between meals, which is sure to keep the body full without any harmful chemicals and keep the body healthy and active.


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