Fresh Yampi Root- 3 lbs- Standard shipping included.




Yampi roots or White Yam or Name root, TROPICAL ROOT VEGETABLE.
Shaped like a long sweet potato, the flesh of Yampi root is creamy in color while its skin can be light brown, dark brown, or tan. Its flavor is somewhat nutty with a slightly chewy texture similar to a potato. Extremely versatile, Name can be baked, boiled, steamed, scalloped, fried or creamed.

The skin of the Yampi root should be scrubbed with a brush under running water prior to use. To easily peel, cut into cubes. With a knife cut out flesh and remove all skin. Place in a bowl of water and lemon juice until ready for use
Cooked the texture and flavor are pleasant and much like a waxy potato but more tender and crumbly and noticeably sweeter.


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