Fresh Raw Olive for curing- 3 lbs.- standard shipping included.


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This fruit is NOT currently in season and will ship when it becomes available. Placing PRE-ORDER reserves your spot on the waiting list for the next seasonal harvest.

Fresh Black / Green Olives for cooking or/and processing into snack.
Manzanilla Olives Organic Raw California Valley for Curing. We did not use any pecticides.
When you recieve it, please open the box asap and start curing it, as it is a perishable item,The production this year is way less than last year. so try to make your order soon before we sell out.

Suggestions for Curing Green Olives:

Start by dissolving 0.7 oz. of lye in warm water for each 2.2 lbs of olives. Place the olives in a large plastic bucket or stainless steel pot, add the water with dissolved lye, cover with tap water to the top. Leave them to cure for 2 days, mixing every so often. Please be careful use kitchen gloves and a long wood spoon or stick. After this time, rinse the olives with clean water MANY TIMES. Then leave them again in a clean water for 24 hours. After this time, change water one more time, add 3.5 oz. of salt for each ~ 2.2 lbs. of olives. Place the olives and the salty water in glass jars (only glass) with air tight lids and store in a dark cool place. They will be ready for consumption after two weeks and will keep up to two years, but once the jar is open, you must consume it.

There are other organic form-of curing olives using only water and salt check “youtube” for more details…. but the Organic curing takes longer time, but worth it.


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