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This prickly oval fruit is very popular throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, and when cooked, it tastes similar to—you guessed it!—freshly baked bread. … The starch-rich breadfruit tastes similar to potatoes, though riper varieties taste sweeter because the starch converts to sugar.
Breadfruit is the produce of a huge tropical rain-forest fruiting tree in the mulberry family. It is closely related to the other tropical fruits such as jackfruit, breadnut, figs, and mulberries.
Breadfruit can be eaten raw when ripe or cooked when unripe. Use common potato cooking methods to cook unripe breadfruit.
Mature fruit has the best flavor and texture for most dishes where a potato-like consistency is desired. It’s perfect for eating plain or with a sauce, or for making breadfruit salad, stew, curry, fries and many more kinds of dishes.
When the fruit is at its peak and ripe and flavorful, it will turn yellow, sometimes brownish and often with lots of old sap on it.
Breadfruit is high in carbohydrates and a good source of antioxidants, calcium, carotenoids, copper, dietary fiber, energy, iron, magnesium, niacin, omega 3, omega 6, phosphorus, potassium, protein, thiamine, vitamin A and vitamin C.


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