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Green apricots are the underripe fruits of Prunus armeniaca. Green apricots are used much like unripe peaches and fresh almonds and are more common in Persian, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. They are harvested during the early stages of fruit setting to ensure better quality fruit size and production. Unlike other fruit trees, such as citrus, that cyclically drop fruit all by themselves, apricot trees must be hand thinned. Using Green apricots is becoming more popular in the United States and Canada, where chefs are adding the immature, green fruits to their spring menus made into chutneys or the pickled umeboshi.

Nutritional Value
Green apricots contain the same basic nutritional content of the ripe fruits; however, they have less sugar content and fewer beneficial pigment producing compounds. They have a high pectin content and are a source of vitamins A and C, as well as B-complex vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

Green apricots are not typically eaten raw due to their overly tart and bitter flavor, however adding salt to raw fruits may help reduce the acrid or sour taste. It is recommended the fruits be poached or cooked prior to pitting to soften the flesh. They can be poached in a variety of liquids from simple syrup and water to beer or wine, with whole spices or other flavoring agents. Green apricots can be used to make jams or chutneys. Whole Green apricots are often pickled along with savory spices in the Middle East and India, just like green almonds or baby peaches, and offer flavors similar to that of an olive. Dishes that call for pickled Green apricots include tagines, lamb, poultry and other meat dishes, and salads. Pickled Green apricots can be added to crudité platters or enjoyed alone as a snack. Store Green apricots in the refrigerator for up to a week. Preserved or pickled Green apricots will keep for up to a year.

Recipe Ideas
Recipes that include Green Apricots. One is easiest, three is harder.
Food and Wine Pickled Apricots Chicken Tagine with Apricots, Prunes and Preserved Lemon


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